Saturday, 17 November 2012


Fashion lovers around the world have been waiting with baited breath for the launch of what has been dubbed the most high-brow high-street collection to date. A style stalwart, MMM has been somewhat of a secret code amongst fashion circles since its conception. (That's Maison Martin Margiela to the rest of us, avant-garde Belgian label shrouded in fashionable mystery). Revered as a label, yet relatively low in profile with the masses - until now that is - the unveiling of the H&M collab is set to put Margiela on the map.

Then for the exciting part, what to expect? The arsty, norm-defying collab is a fashion first for the high street retailer, known for satisfying the masses with budget-friendly basics. However, this sees mostly re-edited garments from the Margiela archives - think of it as a review of the Belgian fashion house's 23 year history with each piece labelled according to its season of origin. Its cult candy clutch from 2010 and iconic car seat cover dress from 2006 are just two of the pieces that have been reformulated for the high street. MMM questions a garment's function and utility making it a label from which you can expect the unexpected: plexi heel shoes, two dresses that morph into one and necklaces with hair lock pendants.

So, true to MMM form, this collab collection is as much avant-garde as it is abstract with signature oversized silhouettes and decontructed styling. A daring move for H&M? For an easy way in, go for the metallic clutches and invisible heeled pumps. Though for the conceptual among us, which pieces will you be rushing out to get your MMMitts on?

//Written for Leeds Student Newspaper 16.11.12 //