Friday, 1 February 2013

Camo-mono mish mash

Jacket - Vintage, Top - H&M, Pleather trousers - H&M (sale), Aggy X Doc creepers (sale), Chain necklace - H&M, Canvas bag - Home bargains  

First blog post of 2013 - bad blogger alert!
Christmas shindigs, an eye watering third year workload and work experience meant blogging took a back seat over the past month or so - but neglect you I shall not, blog! I'm back at uni and back on track with a few exciting posts on the way..
For once, I actually bagged myself a boat load of sales bargains (including my coveted but blister-inducing Aggy docs!) So check back for my belated sales haul post.
I'm glad to finally be back blogging and will make sure it stays put at the top of my never-ending to do list. 

P.s. I finally got my mitts on an iPhone over Christmas so in the mean time here's ma instagram: @mary_worshipfashion  


Amy said...

I love the bag, I was searching through them all in home and bargains the other week to find one with an 'A' on but they had none :( Lovely outfit! xx

Ambika K said...

So jealous of your shoes haha!xx

Amy said...

those shoes are amazing! if i wasn't on a spending ban i be all over them! xoxo

Roxii said...

I want those aggy creepers!